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Peeling their shirts off, they come together in a lustful embrace.Ryan tugs Luke’s shorts off and sucks his rock hard cock until it glistens.Ryan’s tongue dives into Luke’s hole — lapping, swabbing, licking, probing and eliciting moans of approval.Ryan’s cock goes in next and the action goes to another level.Luke Adams is an exuberant body builder from San Diego with a great attitude and a tight package.

He slaps his dick on Adam’s tongue, then feeds him his smooth sac.

He grabs his cock with both hands and strokes himself into climax, drizzling himself with a glazed load that puddles on his chest and glistens in the outdoor heat.

SWAP: Adam Thicke fucks Luke Adams Stroking his cock, Adam Thicke gets distracted by smooth Luke Adams and joins him in the pool.

They lick it up together, kissing and sharing the taste.

COCKSTAR: Ryan Rose fucks Luke Adams Ryan Rose teases Luke Adams about the way he eats a banana, and calls for a more graphic demonstration.

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